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Dog training Centre ‘Asantiko’ (Ukraine) is offering elite puppies of different breeds.
-The Tibetan Mastiff Dog Breed is the main area of the Centre. There are more than 300 puppies available, their parents are brought from China.
The puppies parents are multiple winners of the Championships in Ukraine and other countries.
-Sredneasitskaia shepherd
- Kavkazskaia shepherd
- Belgian shepherd dog malinois
- Amerikan akita
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- Newfoundland
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- Chow-chow
- English bulldog
- French bulldog
- Pekinese
- Shih tzu
- Maltese
- German spitz (pomeranian)
- Yorkshire terrier
- Chihuahua
Large selection of puppies (over 1000)
Worldwide shipping
We are interested in concluding long term agreements with Dog training organizations, clubs and private persons to present interests of Dog Centre ‘Asantiko’ in other countries.
The representative’s tasks:
- search of potential buyers
- support of purchase / sale contracts (shipping logistics, meeting the veterinary import requirements, financial arrangements with the buyers and other issues, arising during the contract implementation)
Our contacts:
Watsapp / Viber, +380 50 8098593
Watsapp / Viber, +380 50 8098594
Asia, Africa
Watsapp / Viber, +380 50 8098568
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I was happy that Ben (Adam Scott) made way for Leslie to run for governor, even though he was also tapped; I was happy, too, that it was Leslie’s commencement speech at Indiana University that ended up delivering the final intonations of the show’s message. When the finale offered flash-forwards to the rest of the cast’s future, it was the touch of Leslie’s hand on their shoulder that prompted the time-shift. It is Leslie, at the center, who is their catalyst and their center. She tells the assembled students to find their own team, because she’s so grateful to have her own. What I see is a woman who would have found a team anywhere, and made it her own, because dammit, she had a job to do. I don’t know if I’ll miss “Parks And Recreation,” a good show that used up its material and found a way to bow out gracefully. But I will miss Leslie Knope, that spark of light and hope and optimism, America’s last great public servant, working tirelessly to keep the lights on. - New Nike KD Shoes

Burnell Cotlon wants the world to know there are parts of New Orleans that have not recovered from Hurricane Katrina. He’s on a mission to bring his community back. - New Jordan Why Not Zer0.2

Even astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, despite noting several scientific inaccuracies with the film, was a fan, saying via Twitter that “I enjoyed #Gravity very much.”

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As the show went on, Leslie’s competence and optimism became a storytelling problem: In 2013, during the show’s fifth season, Todd VanDerWerff made the argument that “Parks And Rec” had a “Leslie Knope problem,” where the protagonist’s upbeat cheeriness—and the show’s stated interest in keeping things nice—made for an increasingly easy path for Leslie to pursue her ambitions. She just never failed anymore, and at least partly that was because neither the writers or a good chunk of the audience wanted her to. Leslie is just too much of what we all want our politicians to be. We watched “Parks And Recreation” precisely to see Leslie Knope do the right thing and win; we watch “Scandal” for the messier stuff. - Kyrie Irving Shoes

Saturday, Aug. 29, 2015, marks the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. After the levees broke in New Orleans, 80 percent of the city flooded and at the time no one was sure if the city could come back. - Paul George Shoes

Even astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, despite noting several scientific inaccuracies with the film, was a fan, saying via Twitter that “I enjoyed #Gravity very much.”

Some camcorders offer a built-in GPS for geotagging video. This can be useful, but keep in mind that there's no metadata standard for attaching the geotags to video so it will only be usable in conjunction with the manufacturer's software. - James Harden Shoes - Cheap LeBron 16 Buzz Lightyear - New Air Jordan 1
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